💻 Custom web site development & design for both computer and mobile devices!
💻 Get a quality design tailored to your brand that you can't get from bulk website generators!
💻 Wide range of functionalities through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQLi, and more!
💻 Affordable price options which can meet your business or personal needs in a timely fashion!

For just $999, your website can have all of the following:

✔️ 10 custom pages (example: home, about, social, etc.)
✔️ a simple contact form that sends messages to your e-mail privately
✔️ a photo gallery w/ up to 30 images, to showcase products & more
✔️ a social media set-up for Google, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
✔️ a free domain name (that's the link!) and free shared hosting
✔️ Signature Support: Availability for questions, issues, & approved touch-ups

If you have a project that is smaller or bigger, feel free to let me know so that we can work out an estimate that better suits your requirement! 😃

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👨‍💻 Who am I?

My name is Randall Arms. I have developed & designed numerous websites for many purposes. I have a well-rounded understanding of all facets involved in the creation of a user-friendly website.

My experience includes not only web development, but also app development, programming, and PC & mobile repair. I am a lifetime member of the nerd club and have worked with tech & the Internet since before I can remember.

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